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Product News Center

9 February 2009

Logos Solvo’s S@T Express Gateway (S@TEx) enables SIM based browsers to access S@TML content stored on an application server.  In addition, it has functions to dynamically manage the S@T applications and the menus on SIM cards in the field.  Traditional static SIM toolkit menus on the SIM card are fixed, and need complicated OTA operations to update the menu with fresh services.  In contrast, S@TEx makes the STK menu dynamic, and therefore enables the Operator to make changes to the menu to launch new services, or update existing services at any time.

S@T applications are developed in S@TML, and converted to byte code before it can be loaded onto a SIM card.  The S@TEx Developer tool enables a software developer to compile their S@TML source code into byte code for downloading to a SIM.  It also provides a handset and SIM emulator that enables the software developer to test the code in an emulation environment before loading onto a live SIM card.

The S@TEx Developer tool can connect to the S@TEx Gateway to access applications and content that are stored off-SIM, thereby providing a fully featured development environment for S@T applications.

The S@TEx Developer tool is available from Logos Solvo as a stand-alone tool for on-SIM application development, as well as a component of the S@TEx product, which gives it the ability to access off-SIM content.

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