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Product News Center

20 October 2008

Logos Solvo’s Aperio OTA Server enables Operators to make changes to their SIM cards in the field Over-The-Air.  Provided that a SIM card has been enabled for OTA programming, and that the security conditions are met, almost any file on the SIM can be updated using the Aperio OTA Server.  In addition, the server can also download new applications to the SIM cards over-the-air.

The Aperio OTA Server uses many of the same components as Logos Solvo’s S@TEx product, and the SIM profiles and data that both products store also have a large area of overlap.  Therefore it is a natural progression to integrate the two products, and offer a combined solution that can manage S@T applications as well as program other files on the SIM, and download non-S@T applications.

The Aperio OTA server enhances the S@TEx solution offering and is available as an optional component of S@TEx, while still being offered as a stand-alone OTA Server.

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