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Product News Center

8 December 2008

Logos Solvo’s S@T Express Gateway (S@TEx) enables SIM based browsers to access S@TML content stored on an application server.  In addition, it has functions to dynamically manage the S@T applications and the menus on SIM cards in the field.  Traditional static SIM toolkit menus on the SIM card are fixed, and need complicated OTA operations to update the menu with fresh services.  In contrast, S@TEx makes the STK menu dynamic, and therefore enables the Operator to make changes to the menu to launch new services, or update existing services at any time.

Logos Solvo launched its S@TEx product in middle of 2008, and immediately started work on the next release.  Release 2 of S@TEx represents a big step forward for the product.  Among a number of smaller updates, the main changes are:
  • The administration interface has been updated with many new features
  • A subscriber self-provisioning interface has been added
  • It features better tools and interfaces for monitoring the system
  • The redundancy architecture has been updated
  • The SIM card profiling and data management interfaces have been updated
  • The campaign management tools have been enhanced
  • A customer service interface has been added
Logos Solvo has already started work on release 3 of S@TEx, which is planned for launch by the end of 2009.  Several new features are under development, the details of which will be announced soon.

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