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13 DEC 2010

Logos Solvo has launched a new ground breaking solution for mobile users: TerraBook is an innovative phonebook service (both SIM and Server based solution), that provides a high value added tool to mobile subscribers to create and manage lists of contacts in a database kept by the Mobile Network Operator (MNO).

TerraBook is a solution to the limitations of traditional SIM and handset based phonebooks. Subscribers can now save and access an unlimited number of contacts from their mobile phones. This application allows subscribers to create a number of phonebooks on the TerraBook server, and enables them to access their phonebooks via their S@T enabled SIM card. Subscribers create their own personal phonebooks, or can create shared phonebooks for access by others.

TerraBook also has benefits for the business community, and enables companies to manage contact databases shared over large territories. An added advantage is the ability for subscribers to access, create and modify contact data, both from their mobile handset and from their Internet browser on a PC. Subscribers can also store and share a very large contact database online. Thanks to this same feature, MNO’s are able to offer SMS access to large information directories (business directories or public phone directories), a service with a high probability of creating traffic.

Mobile subscribers will find an immediate advantage in the security and peace of mind that the solution provides in terms of contacts data recovery. TerraBook frees every user from the stress of losing information that money cannot buy back. Real situation tests have proven the high user-friendliness of the application’s web and SIM interfaces. Added to this, users will find it easy to add detailed contact information to each contact entry, or to find a contact’s email address while on the go, ensuring a high portability for the subscriber's contacts. Additional features include the ability for subscribers to send emails to groups of preselected contacts, and multiple language support.

In short, TerraBook is a highly reliable tool that offers the required flexibility and is available for subscribers’ convenience. It addresses a wide audience through features that make it accessible and useful for all users from entry level handset owners to high-end smart phones. The application is designed to benefit both the business community and private users.

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TerraBook was created by the development labs of the Logos Group, and is based on the already proven S@TEx infrastructure. For more information on Logos Solvo or its products, the company can be reached on, +230 465 9761 or

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