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Aperio OTA Server

Aperio OTA Server


Aperio OTA Server

The Aperio OTA Server offers to Mobile Network Operators the ability to manage the file system on the (U)SIM, and update the data elements on the card Over-The-Air. The product is fully compliant with GSM 03.48, and can be configured to update cards from any compliant (U)SIM vendor.



Logos Solvo’s SIM OTA Server solution is designed to provide a complete and easy way to centrally manage (U)SIM cards in the market. It offers the MNO the ability to update most of the data elements on the SIM card over the air. All SIM cards managed by the Aperio OTA server are provisioned on the platform, and the full information on the current state of any (U)SIM card managed by the OTA server is readily available.

Key Features

  • Support for BIP/CAT_TP for high speed communication with the (U)SIM.

  • (U)SIM profiles are registered in the OTA Server to enable the system to effectively manage the information on the SIM cards over-the-air.

  • Cards can be grouped for batch operations.

  • Update of (U)SIM file structures through Remote File Management (RFM).

  • (U)SIM applet management though Remote Application Management (RAM).

  • Interfaces can be provided for customer service personnel to quickly and easily assist subscribers with queries.

  • Scalable with a fault tolerant architecture with hardware and software redundancy.

  • Web API for integration with customer service and other systems.

  • Campaign management with full reporting.

  • Web based administration interface.

  • Part of Logos Solvo’s Vendor Qualification Program.

Benefits to Network Operators

  • Effective management of (U)SIM cards in the market.

  • Ability to update applets on the card to keep them current.

  • Fewer SIM replacements as cards can be updated instead of being replaced.

  • Improved customer service as the (U)SIM cards can be updated without the customer visiting a service centre.

  • Improved SIM profile management enabling customer service personnel to determine the settings and applications on any (U)SIM.

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