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Mobile Advertising Campaign Manager

Mobile Advertising Campaign Manager


Mobile Advertising Campaign Manager

The Mobile Advertising Campaign Manager (MAd) enables Mobile Network Operators and advertisers to define and create advertising campaigns using a web based campaign editor.  Advertisements are sent to subscribers in the form of text and menus, and the product makes use of the browsing and dynamic SIM toolkit abilities of Logos Solvo’s S@T Express suite.



MAd is an innovative approach to consumer marketing with a high penetration potential, since subscribers are reached on an individual basis.  This application, thanks to its powerful profiling capabilities and an easy and intuitive campaign management interface, offers an opportunity for MNOs to take advantage of the market’s need to reach individual customers and maximize the return on their marketing investment.

Key Features

  • Campaign Editor for creating and testing multi-phased interactive advertising campaigns.

  • Profiling module for creating and maintaining subscriber profiles.

  • Targeting module for selecting subscribers for a campaign, based on their profile information.

  • Scheduling of campaigns for maximum exposure.

  • Campaign Manager for administration of running campaigns.

  • Campaign reporting.

  • Loyalty and rewards for participating in the advertising service.

  • Tools for preparing the Quotation to the advertisers before the campaign commences.

Benefits to Network Operators

  • New revenue stream. Advertising third parties’ products can add an additional revenue stream for MNOs.

  • Subscriber database building. The MNO is able to build extensive profiles on their subscribers over time.

  • Effective marketing of the MNO’s own services.  The system can be used to inform subscribers of new products launched by the MNO, making MAd an effective communication tool for the MNO.

  • Customer Retention. Subscribers earn loyalty points for getting information that is applicable to them. This makes them less likely to leave to a competitor network.

Benefits to Subscribers

  • New service. Subscribers receive information that they are interested in, and earn value on that.

  • Enhanced user experience. Subscribers have full control and can opt out at any time.

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