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Automatic Subscriber Activation

Automatic Subscriber Activation


Automatic Subscriber Activation

Automatic Subscriber Activation (ASA) enables Mobile Network Operators to save core network capacity by dynamically provisioning subscribers upon first activation of the SIM card in a handset. With ASA the network capacity usage becomes aligned with real-time activation demand.
Combined with Logos Solvo’s S@T Express Suite (S@TEx), ASA enables MNOs to optimize and monetize their MSISDN pools by enabling subscribers to choose their own number when their SIM is first activated.


The Automatic Subscriber Activation (ASA) solution simplifies SIM card production as associating each MSISDN to a SIM card is no longer needed at manufacturing time. For SIM cards assigned to ASA, the first attempt to attach to the network initiates interaction with ASA, which acts as an HLR and an Authentication Center. ASA then allocates an MSISDN for the subscriber, and optionally starts a ‘dialogue’ with the subscriber through Logos Solvo’s S@T Gateway.  The S@T Gateway triggers a communication session with the subscriber, enabling a specific MSISDN to be selected.


Key Features

  • Automated activation of SIM cards in the mobile network.
  • Can be integrated to provision all network elements as required.
  • Subscribers can choose their own MSISDN through a S@T session.
  • Golden numbers can be presented to the subscriber for purchase.
  • Inactive MSISDNs are stored for re-allocation.
  • Increased security as lost handsets can be black listed and cannot register on the network.
  • Integrates seamlessly within existing device and workflow management systems.
  • Supports 2G, 3G as well as IMS networks.

Benefits to Network Operators

  • Subscriber Database Optimization (No SIM Pre Provisioning Required)
    - The operator does not have to pre-provision resources for future subscribers, as all provisioning is done over the air at the time of first network attachment.
    - HLR database has only active subscribers.
  • Inactive Entries Storage. ASA can store inactive subscriber entries to save resources in other network elements such as prepaid systems.
  • Increase in Market Share. The attractiveness of ASA’s ‘Golden Number’ feature offers an even greater potential for market share development by the MNO.

Benefits to Subscribers

  • Phone number selection. The subscriber has the ability to select their preferred MSISDN.
  • Ease of Use. The S@T browser based user interface is easy to use and is compatible with any handset.

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